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Renew Your Trademarks

Renew a Trademark — Keep Your Registration Alive

Your trademark is what identifies your business or company. Registering a trademark is a key first step to ensuring you are protecting your business name. Similarly, renewing a trademark registration is just as essential because once it is gone, you might not get it back. If your trademark renewal is not paid, you will have to refile a new trademark application and you run the risk of not getting back. Circle That R has you covered. We can take care of it fast and easy


Or if you think you need to file a new trademark application, we have you covered there also.

File A New Trademark

What is the Process for a Renewal Trademark Registration?

It is a simple process. All you need is the serial number or registration number of your mark. Then, we verify that the renewal window is open and ask a few simple questions to determine if any information needs to be changed or updated.

Why Do I Need to Renew?

In order to keep a registration alive, the owner must file the required maintenance documents at regular intervals. If the owner fails to file the required documents during the specified time periods will result in the cancelation of your trademark registration.

Why Renew Your Trademark Registration With Circle That R?

Not only have we devised an efficient and effective way to file your trademark registration at a fraction of the price of going through a law firm, but we make the process of renewals even easier. Our online system gives you the instructions and information you need to submit your documents. Once you submit them, one of our attorneys will review, make sure everything is good, and we’re good to go.

Don’t Risk Losing Your Registration and Renew Your Trademark With Us

We make the process simple and straightforward. There are no hidden fees and no hassles. We provide instructions and assistance every step of the way. Have questions? Call us at 706-621-5777 and let’s talk!

renew your Trademark with Circle That R