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Respond To Trademark Rejection

Respond to a Trademark Rejection — Our Attorneys Can Help

If you have received a notification from the Trademark Office regarding your trademark application, you have six months to respond. The notice might list one or more reasons that your registration has been refused and your window to reply closes quickly. Other correspondence you might receive includes notices of abandonment, suspensions, notices of opposition, and others. Circle That R can help you with all of these.

Important Notes About Trademark Rejections

It’s important to understand that there are certain trademarks that might be problematic and simply not be registered. For example, you will not be able to register KOKAKOLA for soft drinks unless you are the Coca-Cola company itself. The reasoning for this might seem pretty obvious or it might get a little more complicated. The above example might be a simple one to understand. We can clarify the process or the reasoning for your trademark rejection.

Do It Yourself Do It For Me

What Do I Do After I Receive the Notice?

Don’t delay; the earlier you respond, the faster the process moves along and you can move forward with your registration. As soon as you receive a notification, contact us and we can get started with your application.

Under the DIY and the DIFM services, the first thing our attorneys will do is review your office action to determine if you are dead in the water or if there is hope for future registration. If our attorneys do not believe that they can move your case forward towards registration, then for both packages we will reimburse all but a $49 consultation and processing fee for the initial review and analysis.

It’s not always possible, and we will be honest and upfront about your situation.

If we believe we can advance your mark towards registration, then for the DIY and DIFM services, a Licensed Patent and/or Trademark Attorney will review any issues that are raised by the Trademark Office and prepare a response to be filed with the Trademark Office. Under the DIY service, we will send you a link so that you can file the response yourself. Under the DIFM service, we will file the response on your behalf and become the future correspondent for this application with the Trademark Office.

All you need to do is select your service package (see below) enter your serial number and payment, and relax knowing you are in good hands.

Respond to a Trademark Rejection With Professional Legal Service

We make the process simple. We proceed with honesty and never take your money for services not rendered. We’ll help you respond to a trademark rejection with the proper documentation and procedures. Have questions? Call us at 706-621-5777 for more information.

Respond to a Trademark Rejection