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Respond To Trademark Refusal

So, you have received a notification from the Trademark Office regarding your trademark application. If the notice lists one or more reasons that you registration has been refused, then you have six (6) months to respond to the Trademark Office. But you should not delay.

The earlier you respond, the faster you can move towards registration. Other correspondence that can be received are notices of abandonment, suspensions, notices of opposition and others. We can help out with all of these.

But you should understand that sometimes, some marks simply cannot be registered. Like you are never going to be able to register KOKAKOLA for soft drinks unless you are Coca-Cola itself. Sometimes the refusal may sound complicated but in fact it can be resolved rather easily if you know how to navigate the waters. But, in some circumstances, you really have to fight to get the mark registered. Well we can easily and quickly identify the difference between these situation and take the appropriate action.

It is our goal to be completely transparent on our pricing models and so, we spell it out as clearly as we can.


We offer a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) service where, for a low, one-time fee, a licensed attorney will prepare a response and send you a link for filing the response. We also offer a Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) package that includes the same low, one-time fee but also includes a low monthly payment. With this service, we will push your application all the way through, take care of further refusals and all future renewals. Read below to see all that we provide for these low prices and LOCK IN at these rates. If your situation is something other than an Office Action, we will give you a fair quote for handling that as well.

  • DIY Service: $199 one-time charge
  • DIFM Service: $199 fee plus $9.98 per month (first year billed up front) (cancel at any time)

If you are ready to do this right, keep reading for more information.

Under the DIY and the DIFM services, the first thing our attorneys will do is review your office action to determine if you are dead in the water or if there is hope for a future registration. If our attorneys do not believe that they can move your case forward towards registration, then for both packages we will reimburse all but a $49 consultation and processing fee for the initial review and analysis. We will be brutally honest and up front with your situation and let you know where we believe your chances stand.

If we believe we can advance your mark towards registration, then for the DIY and DIFM services, a Licensed Patent and/or Trademark Attorney will review any issues that are raised by the Trademark Office and prepare a response to be filed with the Trademark Office. Under the DIY service, we will send you a link so that you can file the response yourself. Under the DIFM service, we will file the response on your behalf and become the future correspondent for this application with the Trademark Office.

Thus, with the DIFM Service, we respond to the refusal and then, an attorney will continue to push your application to registration or final refusal. If registered, the attorney will continue to monitor, keep all information up to date and even tend to the payments of your renewals fees at no extra fee (for single class trademarks, if multiple classes are involved we will let you know in advance all additional costs, if any). We will keep you informed regarding the status of your application and registration. If it is finally refused, we will work with you regarding the selection of a new mark and provide you a discounted rate on filing a new application.

All you need to do is select your service package (DIY or DIFM) enter your serial number and payment, and relax knowing you are in good hands.

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