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Trademark: Protect Your Identity

Filing a Trademark

When you are ready, you can begin the process of filing for a trademark. If you already have a trademark, you may also renew your trademark through Circle That R.

Select the appropriate button below and we’ll walk you through the intake process (it’s relatively painless).

File A New Trademark Renew a Trademark

If you have already filed a trademark application and have received notice from the Trademark Office that they have refused to register the mark, DO NOT PANIC, this happens quite often. Usually, the refusal can be overcome but it can get quite tricky. We also offer a DIY and DIFM package for responding to such refusals. If you need help, just send us an email with the serial number of your application and we will review the status and get back in touch with you.

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Depending on the details of your particular matter, the intake process will request that you provide different information, but we can tell you right now that, at a minimum, you’re going to need to have handy:

  1. Your trademark (a digital file if it’s anything other than just words)
  2. The name and mailing address of whoever is going to own the trademark registration (might be an individual or a company)
  3. A listing of your specific goods and/or services (sorry, but there’s no getting a trademark on anything and everything)
  4. A way to pay us (don’t worry, our prices are very reasonable)

At the end of the intake process, you can either bail out or hire us – of course, we hope you hire us because, well, we’re worth it! There’ll be terms of engagement for you to accept (this is just to make sure you know that ThatMark is not a law firm but we pass your stuff over to attorneys), packages of services to choose from (we can do a lot or a little – whatever you need), and a secure payment portal. After you hire us, we’ll take it from there and we’ll keep you in the loop with regular reporting as your trademark filing or renewal moves through the examination process at the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Thank you for trusting the ThatMark team!