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Copyright and Trademark Services — Attorneys Working For You

At Circle That R, we believe in the need for protecting intellectual property. That’s where our story begins. America is a land of innovation and invention, and it has been through our great ideas that we have become such a powerhouse of technology and culture. Throughout our years of practicing law, we kept running into clients that had similar questions regarding the process of filing for trademark or copyright. And thanks to the advent of technology, we found a way to make that process more efficient and cost-effective for our clients with the same positive results.

Circle That R provides guidance through the process of copyright or trademark registration and helps you navigate the world of intellectual property protection.


To support intellectual property rights of all individuals, entrepreneurs, and startups by providing effective copyright and trademark filing services.


To provide effective and efficient trademark and copyright self-service for entrepreneurs, inventors, and companies across the United States.

We Are Transparent and Cost Effective Trademark and Copyright Attorneys

We don’t bait clients with low-ball prices. Sometimes these low-ball prices only apply in a narrow set of circumstances and end up being misleading to the client. So we are honest about what’s at hand. We cannot tell you the exact price you’ll pay for our services because the price is often reflective of the options you choose. At the same time, many clients are unaware that the government filing fees are non-negotiable. For example, government filing fees for a trademark application are over $200 no matter what.

Use Our Online Services to File for Copyright or Trademark

When you use the Circle That R service, you’ll have your own account with us through which you’ll have access to your own dashboard that we call your Docket. When you log in to our service and go to your Docket, you’ll be able to see all your applications and registrations. It’ll all make sense. You’ll see the ones you’ve started, the ones you’ve submitted, and the ones that are complete. Your Docket is the jumping-off point for all your matters through Circle That R. We’ll keep you organized!

We Want to Be Your Ambassadors of Law

Circle That R is not a law firm, but we’re designed and owned by lawyers. We know trademark and copyright law – that’s why our service is so thorough, yet intuitive to use.

And, we have contracted with experienced intellectual property lawyers to handle the legal process for your trademark or copyright application. When you use our service, we make it easy to assemble all the information an attorney will need for your trademark or copyright application and then we contract with an experienced intellectual property attorney to handle the legal side of things. The intellectual property attorney handling your case will communicate with you, keep you updated, and let you know if there is anything missing or incorrect.

Use Circle that R for Trademark and Copyright Filing Today

It’s easy and cost-effective. We reduce the costs by making the process online. If you have questions about how it works or want to know more about trademark or copyright filing, call us at 706-621-5777 for more information.

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Our Founders

Gregory Smith

"The Clumsy One"

Gregory Smith is a technology lawyer and has been practicing in the areas of copyright, trademark, and patents since 1995. Prior to attending Law School, Gregory spent over 13 years as an engineer designing cellular telephones and software system designs. Gregory holds a BS degree in Engineering Technology from Western Kentucky University and a Masters of Electrical Engineering focusing on Telecommunications and Computers from George Washington University. Gregory has worked for the National Security Agency, Georgia Tech Research Institute and Matsushita Panasonic as an engineer.

After graduating from Law School, Gregory worked in the boutique firm Jones & Askew in Atlanta GA from 1995-1998. Gregory then moved to the general practice firm Troutman Sanders where he made equity partner. In 2002, Gregory started the law firm which is currently called Smith Tempel Blaha, LLC.

Gregory provides legal support to That Mark! and customers of That Mark! on a contractual basis. You can make an appointment with Gregory by contacting us.

Gregory encourages others to seriously consider filing for trademark and copyright protection. The cost is rather small compared to the benefits that can be derived from ensuring that your property is protected.

Matthew Hoots

"The Oblivious One"

Matt holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Juris Doctor from Georgia State University College of Law.

Matt has been practicing intellectual property law for over a decade. He is a licensed patent attorney with a practice focused on patent and trademark prosecution. Matt mainly works with individual inventors and small business entities to identify and protect their intellectual assets. In doing so, he often counsels clients in an effort to flesh out and expand their ideas into novel, marketable products.

Prior to pursuing his legal career, Matt spent 15 years in various engineering positions within the manufacturing and process sectors, gaining invaluable hands-on manufacturing and process experience that many of his clients find useful as they endeavor to produce practical, cost-efficient product designs ready to take to market. Matt has been involved with a number of start-up ventures over his career and is a principal in Recycool, Inc., a Georgia–based manufacturer and distributor of recyclable consumer products. Additionally, Matt volunteers in various capacities local to his residence in Athens, GA including through his church, the board of United Team Sports Center Foundation, and the Western Circuit Bar Association, among others.