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Welcome to Circle That R, an awesome trademark and copyright registration service provided by That Mark, LLC

At Circle That R, you can get your trademark and copyright registrations cost effectively by simply answering a few questions. We make the process easy! And, we go out of our way to take the mystery out of the process, so that you feel confident with the answers you give and the information you provide along the way. In many cases, you’ll be done in about 5 minutes and we can take it from there!

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DIY Trademark and Copyright Services

Renew Your Trademarks

You have to periodically renew your trademarks. Use our tool to see if it is time to renew yours. Then follow our simple steps to automatically renew each one.

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Trademark: Protect Your Identity

Don't let someone steal your name or logo! Every minute you delay increases the risk. Register it today. Just 5 minutes and you're safe.

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Copyright: Protect your Works

If you don't register your copyright, guess what? There is nothing you can do against someone that steals your work. A song, poem, picture, story, etc., you are just 5 minutes away from being protected.

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